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What CD does everyone start using them? 

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  • I started using them on CD 11..but I have no clue when I will O, better to be safe than sorry!
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    I am starting today (CD10).

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  • I usually start around CD 15 and use them until I have a clear temp. shift.

    Depends how long your cycle is though. My cycle is 32-35 days and I've O'd anywhere from CD 17-CD 22

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  • CD 14 or 15, but only because I have long asss cycles.


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  • It usually depends for me.  This last cycle I did them a little early and it was a good thing because I O'd early.  It really depends on how I'm feeling.  I would say start anywhere after CD 7 or so.  Have you been charting?  If you have then I would base it on when you usually O.  

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  • I start on CD10 or at the first sign of fertile CM, whichever comes first. I have ovulated as early as CD11 and as "late" as CD17.
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  • Either CD 8/9 or first sign of EWCM.

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  • CD 8/9 I'm thinking I O early....still trying to figure it out tho. I had a very faint OPK on CD 12 (which means it's neg.) but the next day nothing on the OPK and nothing the rest of the week.
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  • I started on CD 10 this month and it's now CD 17 and I've yet to get a +OPK:(
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