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We are expecting our first in Oct! I have my first ob appt tomorrow so am anxiously anticipating the ultrasound! We live in the Encinitas area and are trying to decide if we should deliver at Scripps (convenience) or Mary Birch (level 3 neonatal unit). What do you ladies think?

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  • Hi there! I am delivering at Scripps, but I have had several friends who delivered at Mary Birch and had great experiences. Do you have any friends who have had experiences at either that they can share?
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  • Hi! I'd love to share a bit of my story...I delivered at Scripps La Jolla in December and LOVED IT! Let me first say that I've also heard awesome things about Mary Birch, so you can't go wrong either way. But since stories were requested I'll just share that I walked right in, got a beautiful private room (they're all beautiful and private, you can tour every monday I think) and an amazing nurse who stayed with me the entire time. The whole atmosphere was really calm so it was easy to stay relaxed (also they were quick with the epidural;). Overall I couldn't have imagined a happier, easier birth and I was scared! I hope you all have the same luck I did!
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  • Thanks, I am due in July and delivering at Scripps. I had heard so much about Mary Birch and seen great stuff at UCSD that I was thinking about switching. But I love my OB and am glad to hear that it is a great place too.

    I had seen something about only allowing 2 visitors at a time, is this how it is, or was it just because of flu season 

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