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jacksonville or destin area?

Hey ladies I need some advice.  We're a couple of northerners who happen to live in Georgia.  We're going to take a little road trip next week with our 8 month old and my in-laws..........sound fun?!

Tell me the pros and cons of either of these two areas?  Are Jacksonville area beaches pretty?  We've heard good things about Destin, but we really are clueless.  I would apprecaite any recommendations or opinions about anywhere in northern FL.

Thank you so much.

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Re: jacksonville or destin area?

  • I live in Jacksonville and I don't think that the beaches here are pretty at all.  I have a friend that lives in Destin and she says the beaches are really pretty.  I would go to Destin if I were you.
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  • With an 8month old and in-laws I would go with Ameila Island or Destin. There are MUCH better resort type places and in Destin there are great condo/house rentals.
  • I agree - Jax Beaches are pretty blah.  Destin is beautiful and family-friendly.  I'm not familiar with Amelia Island.
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  • I totally agree with the others. I live in Jacksonville and although I love it here, the beaches in Destin are WAY better.
  • We got married in Destin.  You can see a beach sample in my siggy pic.  
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  • I can't comment on Jax but I live near Destin and it is beautiful here this time of year. There is a lot to do and the beaches are gorgeous! There are loads of amazing restaurants, too. The only problem is, everyone else thinks it's beautiful here this time of year as well! It will be crowded and accomodations can get expensive. I would look along Hwy 30-A in South Walton, too. If you have never been, you'll love it!
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