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IUI and Yeast Infection?

My IUI was on Friday.  I think I started developing symptoms of a yeast infection yesterday (Saturday).  I don't think discharge and itching are a side effect of the IUI (sorry, TMI but someone correct me if I'm wrong).

Has anyone ever had a yeast infection around the same time as an IUI?  Do you think it hurts our conception chances?  Any suggestions on how to treat? 

I will call the RE's office tomorrow, just wanted to see if anyone had any ideas.


Re: IUI and Yeast Infection?

  • I had a bladder infection after my first IUI, but no itching or anything. 

    Since the yeast infection is in your vagina (and most often are due to some temporary imbalance, I used to get them after antibiotics or stress), I don't think it will hurt your chances with IUI at all, since the sperm is already past that.  

    I know Monistat suppositories are ok for pregnancy and 2ww, but call your RE about it.

     Good luck!

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  • I had a yeast infection during one of my injectable + TI cycles after taking a round of augmentin for a sinus infection.  My RE prescribed me diflucan to help clear up the infection and he said it definitely would not affect any IUI's or TI, but not to use the monistat around the time of ovulation.  HTH!
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