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Postpartum Depression

PPD during pregnancy

Has anyone gone through it? I think I may have it, or its just a bad week. Its been going on for months-bad mood swings, the littlest things setting me off, not wanting to be talked to by anyone. The worst is the littlest thing setting me off and me ending up screaming in DD's face and just wanting to hit her for the littlest thing. I have no clue what to do. Im embarassed and I havent told anyone because of the way people look at you when you bring issues like this up. I have talked to my mom about times when DD has really upset me and she just makes me feel worse. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Re: PPD during pregnancy

  • I was depressed during the pregnancy also and am only starting to get help now. Looking back I should have made myself get help sooner then maybe post partum would have been a smoother transition for us. My family is unaware of my depression because I was afraid of how they would respond. Is there anyone else you can talk to about the way you are feeling? A friend or sibling or significant other or spiritual leader? My fiance is not the best for me to talk to but I try because this affects us so much. I've seen a psychiatrist and then he assigned me to a counselor who was wonderful to talk to. 
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  • I dont really have anyone to talk to. My DH keeps asking why Im depressed, but I dont know what is wrong. I just dont know why I feel like I do or have the bad days that I Have, plus he will just ignore most of it, my sister will just go and tell everyone. My dr. sent me to a councelor before I got pregnant because I was having issues from a loss I had October 2008, things just starting coming up. But without a baby sitter to watch DD, I couldnt keep going, DH obviously cant take off work all of the time. I do have an appointment next friday so I plan on talking to my doctor abiout things. I am not open to taking meds while pregnant but after I have no problems is things dont get better.
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