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Post-Partum Question...

I will start this off by saying that I know the majority of us aren't dr.s and that I am just asking to see what people have experienced/heard/think.

Also, This is just DH's and My personal choice (to each his own, I'm not trying to tell anyone what is "right or wrong, " just trying to ask a question about our situation, so to speak).

We have agree that because we are married, financially stable, and each others only partners, we will not be using any "unnatural" protection (condoms, bc, iud, vasectomy, etc.) and just using the "rythm method." We know that this does not always work, and we agree that whatever happens is "meant to happen." Now, that said...

If we do end up getting pregnant within the year after birth (1-12 months post-partum), what are the possible risks for my body and obviously the pregnancy?

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Re: Post-Partum Question...

  • my sister had her second child pretty much right after her 1st.. the baby was healthy but her body still isnt back to normal and he's now almost 3years old.. her stomach is really saggy! but the everything was fine.. she carried full term and everything.. on the other hand.. i heard that when you have a baby, you lose alot of blood..etc.. you also lose nutrients... with that said.. you may have a harder time carrying the new baby... but honestly.. talk to your doctor about it.. she may tell you not to stop taking the prenatal vitamins this way your body is still getting the extra vitamins that you need/will need!! good luck! ?
  • I have a lot of friends and family who had their kids really close together. Most of them have them under 2 years apart. I know I want our next child to be as close in age to this one as possible. Ideally I want to be pregnant within the 6 months to 1 year from when LO is born.
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  • I was told by my DR that because I had a c/s for DS1 that the risks to myself and a baby conceived within1 year of the operation were VERY great.  We were double-careful during that time.
  • If you intend to nurse, most docs want you to stop nursing around 20w pregnant becasue the nipple stimulation can cause contrax. 

    Being pregnant is hard on the body; for example your kidneys have to filter more blood and the waste from 2 humans, and it uses up nutrients from your body so having kids very close together is very draining on your long-term health and the latter kids are not as well nourished.  

    a 2003 study found an increased (albeit small) risk in preterm labor and infant death.

    this article suggests an interval of 18m-5yr between pregnancies to maximize health of the babies. 

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