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new here with a question about mat leave

hi ladies..i just moved 2 va in aug and then we found out nov we were expecting.. my job doesnt offer any paid mat leave but i can take 12 weeks no pay...what our problem is is that in order to make ends meet we need both our incomes..back home in cali the state gave disability to prego women but i heard here they dont is there anything i can do already prego to ensure i have some kind of money coming in while out?thanks

Re: new here with a question about mat leave

  • I wish there was, if there is I don't know about it....I had my little one on January 14th and worked part time beforehand so I have no maternity leave. It's been really rough, especially since my husband has been unemployed since he was laid off in June 2009....keeping my fingers crossed for you, and congrats on your pregnancy!!!
  • look into applying for short term disability, I think its like 6 weeks for vaginal birth and 12 weeks for c-section not sure how much you would get but something beats a nothing any day.
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  • I'm in somewhat of the same situation except my hubs is in school full time right now so we have one source of income.   My boss is actually working with me to set up an at home office in order for me to still work, are you able to do anything like that?
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