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OBGYN Rec in Richmond??

Re: OBGYN Rec in Richmond??

  • Where in Richmond are you?  Chesterfield?  West End?  City?  Midlothian?

    What hospital are you closest to?

  • We are in the Southside, near Stony Point.  We just moved here, so I'm not sure which hospital is closest.  I'd be willing to travel to the right place.  Thank you for your help.
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  • MCV has their OB offices over near Stony Point - the MCV hospital is downtown, though (and parking is terrible).  I delivered both of my kids at St. Francis, which was fine.. I don't know how far that would be from you, though.  I used Dr. Charles Miller (the Women's Center) at St. Francis for my DS. 

    I had a different OB group (Richmond OBGYN) for my first.  I was dissatisfied with them, but they are very capable doctors... I just was uncomfortable with how things turned out.

    Other hospitals in the vicinity are Johnston Willis and Chippenham - I don't know if one of those might be more convenient to you.  Dr. Miller doesn't do paragard IUDs, so he recommended me to Dr. Diaz at Chippenham.  I trust him and his judgment, so I can't imagine being uncomfortable with her.

    Good luck, HTH some. 

  • I use a Midwife at The Women's Center at St. Francis. Nicole Carlson.  She is awesome!!
  • Thank you for all the recommendations!  This is very helpful!
  • I love my obgyn!  Dr. Mary Lynn Coble.  Her main office is at St. Mary's Hospital, but she also works out of an office on the southside and has delivery privileges at St. Mary's and Henrico Doctors. 
  • She is at MCV hospital, but I see Dr. Ellen Brock and have for years.  She is amazing and is one of the top OB/GYNs in the country.
  • I love my ob -Dr Leslie Davis with Virginia Physicians for Women.  I delivered at Johnston-Willis
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  • I love mine! Dr. Siobhan Dunnavant at OBGYN Associates at Henrico Doctor's! She's FANTASTIC and the Women's Pavillion at Henrico Doctors is wonderful :)
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