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Baby Showers

What are your favorite shower games?

Hey Ladies,

We're trying to round up the top 10 best baby shower games -- according to Bumpies. So tell us: What are some of your favorites and why?

Please share your game ideas below!



Re: What are your favorite shower games?

  • This was really popular at my shower. Each guest was given one to fill out. The first & second person with the correct answers won a prize

    tebolt   -          Bottle

    rodeomothh - Motherhood

    gefined               -       Feeding

    oralfum  -        Formula          

    teatley   -        Layette

    abby kwaler ? Baby Walker

    toobies -          Booties

    osneesi -          Onsies

    kilm     -           Milk

    abby bhat  -      Baby Bath

    herette -           Teether

    paired  -           Diaper

    abby gugby ?   Baby Buggy

    dacler  -           Cradle

    ubberr yuckd   - Rubber Ducky

    rollters -            Stroller

    sinbates   -        Bassinet         

    yommm -         Mommy


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  • Can I vote for no shower games?

    I prefer an activity to a game ... decorate a onesie, write advice down for the momma-to-be.

    Not a fan of shower games ... didn't have any at my wedding shower and fingers crossed ...won't have any at my baby shower.  

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  • I really enjoy the game where you use toilet paper or yarn to guess how big mom-to-be's belly is.  I think it's good for a lot of laughs.
  • Make baby onesies, t-shirts, birth cloths and bibs

    Game could be during gift opening every 4-6 minutes a timer goes off and whose ever gift the mom to be is opening receives a gift (bag of candy, lotto ticket, cookies, candle, gift card)

    Put little babies in ice cubes and whosever?s melts first wins

    Guess how many safety pins are in the bottle


  • 1 - beer drinking contest - but out of a baby bottle (boy game at co-ed shower)

    2 - name that baby food (this is gross to me, but my guests enjoyed it i think)

    i also like the guess how big the mommy's belly is.

    HATE the candy bar in the diaper one.  so gross. 

  • Here is one a girl friend and I thought of on our own...like the bouquet toss at the wedding- it would be fun to get all the ladies up for a rattle toss to see who will have the next baby!! ;)... should be fun! I'll let you know how it goes. We're having a friend shower with lots of young ladies and newly weds- coed, so it should be a fun event!

  • The shower I hosted we had two games.  The first was baby pictures--I emailed all the guests and asked them to bring or email me a baby picture of themselves.  I put them on a board and made it a matching game.  I threw in some celebrities for kicks.

    The other was guess the baby food.  People seemed to really like it and were surprised at how tasty the food was.  I used mostly fruits so it wasn't gross.

  • i love the onesie decorating game!! and for my co-ed shower we r doing the beer in bb bottle and i liked the make a bb out of gum! i also hate the diaper candy poop game its just boring and done too much and i the measure the belly one done too much and boring

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  • I absolutely HATE the guess the girth game - no woman should be faced with people using toilet paper to guess how big around she is.

    I also hate any game that requires you to guess the candy bar that's melted in a diaper.

    If I'm subjected to games, I prefer a simple ice breaker at the beginning to get people talking and moving (guess the baby's due date...guess how many pins are in this jar..etc).   Some sort of pen/paper game  (word search, baby shower bingo, match the candy bar to the pregnancy term, etc) or the best game ever:  set the timer while the guest of honor is opening presents...when the timer goes off, the person who's gift is being opened gets a prize.  


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