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WDYT- Girl names

Ansley Elizabeth vs. Ansley Grace vs. Abigail Grace vs. Emily Grace

Which one do you like best?

Re: WDYT- Girl names

  • Ansley? Like Ann-slee? I think that's really awful.

    What about Ainsley, if you're really set on it?

    Anyway, I vote for Emily Grace. That's a very pretty name. 

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  • My vote is for Emily Grace.
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  • I like Ansley Grace.

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  • Emily Grace

    Eilzabeth Grace

    Grace Elizabeth


  • I prefer Ainsley and love the name ELizabeth so it is my choice every time. Abigail and Emily, while they are nice names have become cookie cutter at this point since so many people are naming their girls this.
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  • None of them are really stand out... I feel like they are all the same name in some ways-- cute, popular... pick any one and it is going to get the same reaction: cute name, pretty popular right now.
  • Ansley Grace is beautiful!

    I feel so Blessed!!!

    Here comes baby #3!!

  • My vote is for Abigail Grace.
  • I like Abigail Grace and Emily Grace. Ansley is nms.
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  • Ansley Elizabeth.  I adore the name Ansley!
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  • I like Emily Grace and Abigail Grace
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  • I like all of those but Ansley. I would change the combination and go with Emily Elizabeth, Grace Elizabeth, or Elizabeth Grace.
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  • I prefer Ainsley over Ansley, but out of your names I vote for Abigail Grace
  • I like Emily best, but I also like Abigail. Is Ansley supposed to be Ainsley?
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  • I like Ansley Grace.
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  • Abigail or Emily 100%
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  • I went to school with an Ansley and I couldn't stand her, so I have a negative view of that name. Sorry!

    I like Abigail and Emily. Emily is one of my favorite names, but won't use it because of a coworker/friend. I don't want people thinking I named my child after her. Maybe I'll use it in the future if I'm not working with her.

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  • Love Abigail Grace!
  • Yeah, Ansley looks like it should be spelled Ainsley.

    My choice would be Abigail Grace.


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  • image lovemytwoboys:
    I like Abigail Grace and Emily Grace. Ansley is nms.



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  • I like Emily Grace best - simple and beautiful. 
  • My friend named her daughter, Ansley Grace...  I also like Abigail Grace.  I actually like Ansley better than Ainsley.
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