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Postpartum Depression


Hi ladies...just did a pregnancy test and got a BFP. I had PPD with my son and I don't know how to cope. Emotionally, physically, financially. Anyone else? Any advice?


  • I don't have any advice for coping with a second pregnancy, but I just wanted to say congratulations!

    During my first pregnancy I was able to stay on my regular dose of Zoloft and I think that helped.  

    Married 07.07.07. Mom to 3: Ruby 11/08 and Oliver & Austin 12/11
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  • I wish I had some advice for you but, I don't.


    Hang in there, mama.

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  • You can take an anti-depressant and seek counseling.  These helped me get through some of my issues.  I still had PPD after DD2 was born, so be prepared with plenty of help from friends and family...or whatever you feel comfortable with.
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