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first haircut?

So.... Sarah has these little wispy baby hairs that are longer than the rest of her hair and starting to get into her eyes.  I am thinking of taking her somewhere to get it trimmed up.

Anyone have any recommendations of places/stylists that are good with toddlers?  Preferably north central - TIA!

Re: first haircut?

  • Sorry I'm a little late...haven't really been around these parts much lately.

    We took just to Sharkey's over by Buffalo Wild Wings at 1604/281. They have a first haircuit package where they take pictures, save the locks, and do a certificate and all the silly stuff. Josh got to sit in lightning mcqueen from Cars.


  • Awwwwwwww!!!! That is so cute!
  • i was coming to the local board to ask if anyone had ever used sharkeys.  i just made an appt for dd's first official haircut.  awesome!
  • I took Sarah there yesterday!  We didn't do the first haircut package because, well, there really wasn't enough hair taken off to keep a lock!  I just had them clean up all the fine baby hairs that were longer than everything else and getting in her face.  The lady was super quick and Sarah only wimpered a few times.  It was worth the $10!
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