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What information will I need about my KD for a 6-week appointment?

My wife and I just found out this week that we are pregnant (!) on our lucky seventh try--we used a known donor, and I'm wondering if anyone else who used a KD remembers what kind of information my OB-GYN will need about him.  I'm assuming blood type and family medical history, but is there anything else I should ask him about? Thanks!

Re: What information will I need about my KD for a 6-week appointment?

  • I don't have any info for you, but just wanted to stop in to congratulate you and your wife. Best wishes for a happy and healthy 9 months!!
  • Do you guys have a release of parental rights from him? Does he have any medical (including mental) issues that you need to inform the doctor that might help?

    (I'm just going to throw this in.. just as a precaution - if you can -- if you know his birth weight and size (if he has any children - get theirs also!)... why? I'm 5'6" and my kd is 5'10", but he doesn't know how much he weight at birth.. but his two sons were 7# and over 9# respectively - my doc just told me that i am likely to have a 10# baby by the time I deliver in 5 weeks! GULP! )  

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  • Thank you so much, familyway!
  • We're having him fill out the March of Dimes standard family medical history questionnaire, which I hope covers everything, and as far as we know he has no medical or mental red flags.  We also have our signed donor contract that includes a clause that states he intends to relinquish parental rights.  My understanding from our lawyer (although we met with her a while ago, before we started TTC, so perhaps I should refresh my knowledge) is that there needs to be an actual live baby for him to sign away his rights?

    Good point about birth weight!  I am tiny (just 5 feet tall and he's around 6 feet) so that would be good to find out, although it's too late to do anything about it now :)  I'll ask him.


    Thanks so much!

  • Our OB/GYN didn't ask for any information about our KD. His blood type and CMV status might be useful, if you know them, but I wouldn't stress if you don't. The pediatrician is the one who will ask for any family medical history information you can provide. But you have a while until you need to worry about that! Smile


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  • You might want to take in any STD test results either you or KD had prior to conception.  If not your OB/GYN may want to run them on you again.  Maybe  ::shrugs:: just a guess.

  • Very helpful--thanks so much, ladies!  He's CMV negative (one of our requirements since I am too) and we have copies of all his STD results, so it's sounding like I should just bring the entire folder of information we have on him (test results, family medical history, donor contract, etc) plus all the tests my RE did on me (I forget specifics, but she definitely ran rubella and some STD stuff that What to Expect said doctors might check for at the first appointment).  They're in for a lot of paperwork :)
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