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My little girl is due in April.

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  • My little boy is due in July.  What hospital are you delivering at in Richmond?  We have chosen St. Mary's.  We had a GREAT experience there with our first and actually look forward to going back! 
  • We are having our baby girl in June and chose Memorial Regional/Bon Secours.

    Is anybody here looking at daycares in Richmond? Specifically Mechanicsville area....

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  • We are having our baby boy at Memorial Regional as well. I work in Mechanicsville so I did check out a couple of daycares there. My number one choice was Childtime on Chamberlayne Ave, before I found a daycare close to my home in Lakeside. I really like Childtime but they were $198/week for infants and I felt that was too high for our budget. Last time I checked they had room for infants.
  • Our baby is due in October and we're stuggling to decide should I stay home or keep working. I have a GREAT job with wonderful woman BUT i also started my own business and I could really work on that and take that to the next level.

    We are having our baby at Henrico Doctors in the Women's Pavillion. We have a FABULOUS OBGYN and that is where she is! We are SO excited for October to have Baby Singleton arrive!

     If any expecting moms want to hang out, i'd love to! Most of my girlfriends aren't trying so I don't have many pregnant friends!

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