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If your LO has been on them, did it change their bowel habits?

Sophie was put back on them in Dec. and just taken off them again yesterday--her hemoglobin was fine so they said she could stop the drops.  Problem is, my child is weird and actually poops more consistently when on the drops.  Iron is supposed to make you constipated, no?  The poor thing was in such pain today while trying to poop and kept looking at me crying and pushing, and her tummy was so hard while she was pushing. :(  Plus when she's on the drops her poop is mega mushy, and now its only been 2 days off of them and her poop is rock hard.  I don't get it!?

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Re: ? re: Iron drops

  • ryan was a mess when he was on neosure and polyvisol. ick ick ick. once we stopped, things got much better. maybe it's just the fact that there was a change? we had good luck with prunes (for awhile), prune juice (for awhile), and karo syrup in the bottle.

    good luck! hope she feels better soon - watching them struggle is so hard!

  • iron is so so so constipating.  I only give Stella the drops once or twice a week because of this. 
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  • We had to stop the iron because she was getting constipated, but we haven't noticed too much of a change :(  I hope things get better for you!
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  • It is constipating!
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  • DD uses the iron drops (though I don't remember them every day) and they definitely make her poop less often.  This has changed a bit since she's no longer on the NeoSure.  Your situation does seem a bit backwards! 

  • Francie was constipated while on the iron drops, to the point where we actually had to use glyerin suppositories...yuck.  Seems like your LO has it a little backwards, but they're all so different so who knows?  Hope you see some improvement!
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  • I heard they are constipating (we switched to PolyViSol with iron at 12 months) but Marino takes a daily probiotic and I swear that keeps him regular. He poops twice a day at the same times everyday. I would try a probiotic...it also boosts their immune system.
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