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Need Food Advice

So this weekend I made fruit kabobs with a dip for an event.

Well, I kind of invented the dip bc I got the wrong thing at the store.  And it turned out kind of yummy but I want to improve on it.

So the real recipe is lowfat yogurt plus mint jelly.

I used 8oz cream cheese, 6 oz mint jelly, juice from one lime.

So, it turned out kinda lumpy (even after using the electric mixer) but still delicious.

I want to improve the recipe by making it with alcohol (rum, I guess?) for grown up parties, and also reducing the lumpiness.  So, how do I get rid of the lumps and how much alcohol would I add?  Remember, I can't taste test until July so...

Re: Need Food Advice

  • Microwave the cream cheese to get it nice and soft and that should take care of the lumps. Do it in like 10 sec. intervals until it's smooth.  I've made a dip before w/ rum extract but never with actual rum.  I'd say to start w/ 1 tsp and taste from there.  I don't think that's enough alcohol to cause fetal alcohol syndrome so I think you're okay to taste test it.
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  • I would try it in the blender or food processor. Making sure the cream cheese is soft.
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  • Could you skip the lime?  I am wondering if the acid in the lime made the cream cheese lumpy?  Just a thought.


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  • Ditto on skipping the lime.....fruit acid and cream cheese = curdle
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  • Oh..didn't think of that.  I was going for the whole "mojito" thing....I know nothing about food.  I did love the tang of the lime though.  Maybe if I squirted the fruit with it instead?
  • That would work...and also help prevent browning as well.
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  • If your cream cheese wasn't soft and at room temp then thats why you got lumps.
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