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weight loss?

anyone do nutrisystem or Jenny craig? results? taste of food?

i need to start something serious but i have a really hard time . i know the cost is a lot but i am willing to do it and i just don't have the time to plan everything i eat. i have quite a bit to lose

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Re: weight loss?

  • I have always done well with Weight Watchers, and will probably go back when Gianna is 1 month and my milk supply is steadier.
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  • My boss just tried and failed on nutrisystem.  I watched her go through hell.  Plus the food looked gross.  WW takes a lot of time to figure out points and all that crap.  Seems unlikely with LO to take care of.  I like weight loss shakes, like Slim Fast.  I'm still starving after I drink them but eventually I get used to it.  I buy the generic ones because I think they taste the same.  They are probably not a good idea for long-term weight loss goals, but I use them when I have no time and I need to lose weight fast.  I just ate a ton of Girl Scout cookies so there goes my "good day".  Ugh!  
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