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is anyone thinking about starting rice cereal early.  my little guy is eating and eating, we go to the dr.  on tuesday and I think I am going to heavily ask if we can have a bit a couple times a day.

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Re: cereal?

  • Do you BF or FF?


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  • both :)  I BF but my supply is low so he gets about half and half
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  • Babies digest BM faster than F. I was told that it is way too early to start cereal, that they need to eat often to regulate their digestive systems.

    Could your LO be going through a growth spurt?

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  • LO is eating 6oz a feeding.  The doctor refuses to let me start cereal unitl 4 months.  So we've got another month.  He insists that babies get all the nutrients they need from formula and adding cereal too early is taking away from the nutrients they need.

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  • I also think adding foods, even cereal, has to do with developing allergies.... I asked my pedi the same thing and he told me NO.
  • Our Tori will be 3 weeks on tuesday and she has already been on rice cereal for 1 week.  After several tests at the hospital they determined she is a very spitty baby.  Our pedi had pictures taken of her belly to make sure her organs were all in the correct places and a GI test done as well to watch how the formula travels in her belly once she has eaten.  They have me add 1 tablespoon per feeding.  She is still only eating 2 ounces at each feeding.  We had to do this to thicken her formula because she was either spitting it up without the rice or digesting and pooping as fast as she was eating.  Poor girl had a horrible diaper rash from so many dirty diapers that I have already had to have a prescription diaper rash cream for her.
  • Mine told me at the 2 mo check up we could do about a teaspoon at night if we wanted to try, based on thinking DS isn't getting the calories he needs or wants to be satisfied. We still haven't tried it.
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