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Baptism for the non-religious?

I am not a religious person. I haven't been to church more than ten times in my entire life. DH is not exactly religious, but he was kind of raised Catholic . . . kind of, as in, I know more about his religion than he does. He and his family really want to get DS baptized, but we don't have a place to baptize him, seeing as no one in the family belongs to a church. We contacted the church we got married in, but they won't do it since we're not parishioners.

I don't know much about how baptisms work since I'm not baptized and have never been to one. I was hoping I could get some ideas from y'all . . . how do I get my son baptized when neither we nor our relatives belong to any church?

Re: Baptism for the non-religious?

  • try another church  some catholic churches wont but I know my church which is lutheran will baptize non-members
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  • I'm agnostic and my husband is an atheist so we're obviously not getting our DD baptized (we'll let her choose whether or not she wants to do that when she's older). But, I know the church I used to belong to when I was little will not baptize your child unless you belon to the church because they want to be sure you raise your child following the Christian principles-- I think it will be hard to find a church that will baptize your DS without you being a member. I would call around to local churches or ask friends and family. Good luck!
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  • If you are wanting DS baptized in the catholic church, keep checking with different churches - each one has different rules based on the priest. Otherwise, if you check with a Christian church, they will usually do it, although it's typically called a "dedication". Belonging/attending a christian church means you beleive in God and the Bible but it isn't ceremonial like other religons (Catholic). Hope this helps a little.

  • Most Episcopal churches will do the service without being a member.  We often call it "Catholic-lite" and they are a little less strict.
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  • why baptize if you're not religious? don't take that the wrong way...just asking.
  • I know many churches WILL baptize without membership.  Just contact the churches and ask.  I just contacted a Methodist church last week and they will baptize DS even though we are not members. 
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  • You could do what we are going to do - a "Blessing Ceremony" - I found some info on the net about them.  I was baptized Catholic but don't practice and then years later received my first communion and was confirmed in the Lutheran church... I haven't regularly gone to church since I was like 16.  DH on the other hand has never been to church, was never baptized... but his family and roots are Orthodox Christian.  When we got married our ceremony was on the beach and was performed by a minister, non-denominational.  So with a Blessing Ceremony, it will be done outside, like in a garden or park or our backyard and will be non-denominational as well.  Our LO will be blessed, prayers will be said, god-parents will be present etc... but it won't be associated with a particular church/denomination. 
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