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what is your little man wearing for baptism?

My mom cant find our family baptism gown so now I am stuck trying to find something.  I am not sure what to get.  I am not sure that I want to spend $50 on a gown.  I am thinking of some sort of suit or nice sweater.  What is your LO wearing???
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Re: what is your little man wearing for baptism?

  • he's wearing DH's family baptism gown... but if we didn't have that, I would buy one and have it become the family baptism gown.  I'm very anti- baby pimp suit.  
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  • If you want to shop around I've seen some nice, even new ones, on ebay for cheap.
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  • i want to find pants and a shirt or a little outfit.  my baptism gown was worn by my daughter and i don't want him to wear it-just would rather pass it to her etc.   i have to find something yet but it will become his to pass down then. 
  • An online friend of mine from Scotland designs and makes christening gowns by hand and she's offered to make us one as a gift, so we're going to be doing that.  I can't wait to see how it comes out!
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