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Infant Strollers

I am a bit confused by infant strollers. The only ones I see are the travel systems where the baby has to use only the car seat for up to 6 months to be taken around.


I thought it was bad for babies to be in car seats for longer than 2 hours at a time. Ie. bad for their spine and also for breathing.

 The only alternatives are the ones with a carry cot which are $1000.... can someone please advise me better as I am very confused right about now.



Re: Infant Strollers

  • As long as the seat lies flat you can put an infant in it.  The Chicco Cortina is one that lies flat and can be used without the car seat.

    eta: you don't have to use the car seat with a travel system for 6 months...once they have head/neck control you can recline them in the seat.

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  • We have the Graco Ipo Deluxe umbrella stroller. It's really nice and has all the features of a full size stroller. The seat lies flat and we've used it since DD was just a few weeks old. It was only $99. We love it.
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