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Not STTN at 10 weeks?

I swear, when I go on the bump all I read about are these babies who are sleeping for six hour stretches at night or only wake up once during the night and I'm going CRAZY reading about it! Is anyone else's two month old NOT sleeping like this?

DS will go to bed at 7:30pm and on a good night, he'll wake up at 12am, but that's happened ONCE. Usually, he wakes up at 10pm, then 12am, 2am, 3:30am, 5am, and 6:30am. Believe me, I've read Healthy Sleep Habits Happy Child, the Baby Whisperer, Happiest Baby on the Block, you name it, and with all of those techniques, the above schedule is what has been achieved and unchanged for a month and a half.

I need to know, for my sanity, that I'm not a terrible parent because my son isn't STTN at 11 weeks old.

Re: Not STTN at 10 weeks?

  • There seem to be an unusually high number of babies that STTN early on the Bump. Not sure why that is, but in real life I know of only 1 baby that STTN before 6 months old. Neither DD nor DS started sleeping through until 8ish months, and DS still gets up on occasion. You most definitely are not a terrible parent!
  • DS is 13 weeks and still doesn't STTN. He goes to bed at 10 and sleeps until 7, but gets up at 3:30 EVERY NIGHT! And this just started about 2 weeks ago when we started swaddling him. I also hate reading about LOs who sleep all night and are younger than DS. Do you guys swaddle LO? We also feed him an extra 1-2 oz before bed to fill up his tummy and that has also seemed to help.
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  • DS isn't either at 8 weeks.  But have you tried putting LO to bed later to see how that affects your schedule?  It seems that most infants I know of go to bed around 10:00 or 11:00 rather than 7:00 or 8:00. 

    We start DS's bedtime routine at 9:30, which means that he's in his crib between 10:30 and 11:00.  He usually wakes around 2:00 and 5:00 and then up for the day around 7:00.  In the evenings we let him snooze on the couch or in his swing or hold him or walk him, but we keep our normal daytime schedule for diaper changes and feedings (last one is usually around 8:00).

    Edit: Oh, and unfortunately genetics don't seem to play a role.  According to my mom and MIL, I STTN at 4 weeks and DH STTN at 5 weeks. 

  • Your LO is MORE than normal.  STTN at 10 weeks is extremely uncommon - and if a LO does STTN then, you can almost guarantee that it won't last.

    Here is a link with lots of studies about normal infant sleep habits.

    In particular, check out these data:

    Sadler S. Sleep: what is normal at six months?
    Prof Care Mother Child 1994 Aug-Sep;4(6):166-7.

    In this study, part of the Avon Longitudinal Study of Pregnancy and Childhood (ALSPAC), researchers surveyed the parents of 640 babies. Some of the results:

    • Only 16% slept through the night at six months old -- 84% were not sleeping through the night at 6 months
    • 17% woke more than once per night, ranging from twice to eight times
    • 5% woke once every night
    • 9% woke most nights
    • 50% woke occasionally
    • 16% of six-month-olds had no regular sleeping pattern



    I am a runner, knitter, scientist, DE-IVF veteran, and stage III colon cancer survivor.

    My DS did not STTN until 13 months.....slept 730 to 730 from about6 months on, but always woke up for a 330 feeding until I completely weaned him from nursing.

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  • I find that there are alot of babies on the bump that STTN...I don't really think it's the norm to STTN at 10 weeks, honestly. When I was pregnant, I knew I was getting into about 6 months of sleep deprivation.

    So, no, you're not a terrible parent. Some babies wake more than others. Hopefully it will start to get better, and he will start sleeping for a little longer stretches...because every 2 hours is tough. We just broke the 2 hour cycle a couple of weeks ago, but I am still waking 2 or 3 times every night with DS. It's rough, but I look at it as 'my time in the trenches'. This too shall pass, I guess. :)

  • I JUST posted about this a couple days ago.  I thought I was doing something wrong that LO still woke up every night, since it seems the norm that Bump babies STTN at like 3 weeks or something.  Someone told me its kind of a joke on the 3-6 board that people will brag about their babies STTN at 7 weeks, only for it to fall apart at 4 months.
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  • DS's sleep patterns still vary a bit.  Some nights are great, others it seems as if he is up every 2 hours or so.  A good night is a feeding around 10 or 11 pm.  He then goes down til about 3:30 or 4.  Does a full feeding and goes back down til 6 or so.  Snacks and then sleeps til 7:30 or 8.
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  • I think you should come see the recent post on 12-24 about the number of toddlers who still don't STTN ;-)

    I would be more surprised to see a 10 week old STTN - and even more surprised if that kid never had night wakings in the've got the 4 month wakeful, teething, 9 month wakeful, more teething, illnesses...

  • *sigh* Thank you. Sanity has been somewhat restored. :)
  • LO usually naps in his bouncer until 9 or 10. I feed him, change him, swaddle him and put him in his bassinet.  He sometimes goes 5 hrs, 4 hrs, 3 hrs and then is up for the day.  Other times, he's up every 3 hours.  no telling...
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