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She Finally made it, Hooray!

Does anyone's baby have to burp like several times after eating it takes my daughter a long time to get them out I'm thinking maybe I need to change bottles ,maybe to much air is getting into her body and she has the hiccups several times a day as well. Her umbilical cord came off but I see a little with part that doesnt look like it was all the way healed has this happen to anyone I going to call her doctor I dont want to be over reacting though.She's 11 days old

Re: She Finally made it, Hooray!

  • The hiccups are perfectly normal in a newborn. ?So don't worry about them. ?Are you breastfeeding or bottle feeding? (using breastmilk or formula?). ?I ask b/c I'm breastfeeding and my pediatrician said that babies that drink breastmilk don't burp as much as formula fed babies. ?Seems to be right on the money though, b/c my daughter doesn't burp after every feeding. ?The milk is lighter on their stomachs.

    ?The umbilical cord thing is normal. ?It'll continue to heal after several days so just give it time.

    ?Hope that helped.?

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