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my LO is two weeks old and I don't bathe him everyday... How often do you give lo a bath? When do you/did you start "bath time" and do you do it in the morning or night?  I know mostly I hear of, bath time to get ready for bed... I know LO is not a grown up, but I personally like to shower and get ready for my day, who's to say he wouldn't rather that. He's never fallen alseep after the couple baths I have given him...

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  • We gave our first tub bath today.. before that we were doing a sponge/washcloth bath in the mornings maybe every other day or every 3rd day or so.  Everything I have read says to not bathe every day b/c it will dry out their skin too much.
  • We gave DS a "sponge bath" on our counters every 2-3 days for the first 3 weeks. DS didn't really care for baths & it didn't "soothe" him during that time. Now he LOVES his bath time!! It really relaxes him & gets him ready for bed. We use our whale bath tub & bathe him every 2-3 days still.

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  • We bathe LO about 2 times a week.  We usually give him a bath at night and then give him a bottle in hopes that he'll go to sleep after that.
  • LO gets a bath every other day.  I do it in the evenings - I don't know that it's necessarily soothing to him or puts him to sleep, it's just that I want to establish a nighttime routine.  So I give him a bath, apply lotion to him, nurse him, then put him to bed.
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  • Every 3 days
  • I bathe DD every other day before bed. She hates baths so they certainly don't soothe her, but I like to do them at night to establish a routine. I give her a bath, put lotion on her, give her a bottle, read her a bedtime story, and then rock her until she falls asleep.
  • I give DD a bath every other day, and in the morning. She's a pretty alert baby during the day, and usually only catnaps; I can't imagine that a nighttime bathtime routine would make her tired. I'm staying at home for a while anyway, so a morning bathtime routine works for us right now.

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