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Gas Drops.. My doc says not to use them

I want to try them but at our last visit my hubby asked the doctor and he said he wouldn't use them as a parent..

I wanted to try them and now sonce doc said that, my hisband is insisting not to

He is not really too fussy but has major gas...

Dam doctor.. I asked why and he just said not necessary especially if the baby is not that fussy

Re: Gas Drops.. My doc says not to use them

  • To be honest with you...we were using them at every feeding (put them in the bottle)....they didn't make a difference.  She is still gassy...we just have to make sure we really get at least 1 good burp outta her. 

    Our pedi said the same thing...that they really aren't worth it.  We have stopped using them and things are the same as when we did use them. 

  • Thanks..I guess it is an unnecessary chemical to pump into a baby..whether its harmless or not
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  • We started using them around the same time I changed my whole of the two things is working but I don't know which! We are going to keep using them for about a week until I know the dairy is out of my system and then I am going to take them away. Right now, I don't dare try.
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  • We use them in formula bottles to prevent foam.  Other than that, they don't seem to do anything for us. 
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  • I use them at every bottle.  DS had had terrible gas from day one and we use many things, this being the only "medication" type substance.  I am not into giving unnecessary medications but it can't be good for DS to scream in pain.  DS pediatrician is an expert on integrative and holistic medicine (and as part of this believes we should stay away from as many toxins as possible) and he feels they are fine to give, so I'm in. 

  • My doctor said they are harmless, that they aren't absorbed into the bloodstream and are completely safe to use with every feeding.

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  • imageDiana27:
    We have stopped using them and things are the same as when we did use them. 


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  • Both my uncle (family practice MD) and my ped both say they don't do anything.  My ped does recommend Gripe Water though after 1 month old.



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  • They didn't make a difference for my gassy son, so I agree with your doctor.
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  • They are making a difference for my daughter.  She is extremely gassy, even after having her on the similac isomil soy.  I noticed a difference once we started using them as well as using the Dr. Brown's bottles.  We tried 4 other kinds until we finally discovered that Dr. Brown's works the best for her!
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