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How to dry up breastmilk?

I tried breastfeeding, but DS didn't really take to it, so I tried pumping, and my supply steadily decreased no matter what I tried.  So now I have accepted it and have him on formula only.  (I am glad that he got a solid month of breastmilk) 

So now I need to dry up the remaining breastmilk.  I asked my doc and she said to just ignore it.  I haven't pumped for a week now and it hasn't dried up yet.  Any idea how long this will take, or what I can do to dry it up faster?  I've heard about cabbage in the bra and am wondering if that really works?

Thanks for any advice!

Re: How to dry up breastmilk?

  • I wore 2 sports bras 24/7 for about 5 days.  It hurt really badly for a few days, but then it got much better.  I can still get a few drops if i try, but for the most part Im dried up.  I tried cabbage and didnt notice much relief.
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  • The cabbage does relieve the engorgement a bit. Ice packs, and sudafed also helps. Some doctors suggest binding, some don't. Mine did and it still took about ten days for my milk to go away.
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  • I'm not sure, but I swore I heard something about keeping them bound/wrapped...
  • I've heard Benadryl can help, too.
  • Sudafed from behind the pharmacy counter and take it as directed on the box.
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