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Being picky about his sippy??

C just had a MAJOR fit over which sippy cup I put his milk in. Here's the thing I only have one type of sippy cup. He gets a bottle at night which I know is bad but that is the only way he would take it back when he needed it. So now I have the task of trying to break the bottle and the bedtime milk all at the same time...gggrrreeaattt. He just had such a major meltdown over the cup I put his morning milk in that when he was done he asked to go 'nigh nigh' so he is now laying quietly in his crib. I decided that I am not going to let him be picky about his cup so if he nurses that one all day so be it but I am not going to put it in a new cup. WWYD? Also, what is the best way to get rid of the bedtime milk/bottle. The paci is a whole other can of worms that I don't want to open right now. I think I created a monster.
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Re: Being picky about his sippy??

  • Cold turkey. You're the boss.
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  • imagemyrall:
    Cold turkey. You're the boss.
    Yep... stick to it. DO NOT CAVE. Do it once and the subsequents will get easier. You will build your own confidence and he will know you mean business so he will give up faster. Gavin still has his tantrums but they get shorter every time and we just totally ignore them. He even had one last night while we had a house full of people... I just told everyone to ignore him and they did. 30 seconds later he was in the middle of everyone again like it never happened.






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  • Bottle - cold turkey.  P rejected hers about 11 months and it just went away forever.  Easy peasy.

    Sippy - I think its just about control with these little ones.  I'd just let him work it out however and try not to cave.

  • Bottle- just get rid of it. If you don't give him the option, he'll eventually get the hint. It may take a few days...which was horrible for us because she would wake up every two hours "hungry" because she refused her milk out of a sippy cup for 3 days. But it got better.

    Sippy- Don't give in. If you do, it won't change. Just let him nurse on that one all day.

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  • I agree with the cold turkey on the bottle.  BUT, on the sippy, I would say to ask him which one he wants before you fill it.  These little guys have very little control over what happens in their lives, and this is an opportunity for you to allow him to feel like he has a choice and is in control (which can cut down on other tantrums when he doesn't have a choice, if that makes sense). 

    It also gives him practice communicating his wants.  Sam went through a similar phase and it drove me crazy, but I got into the habit of asking her and it made things go more smoothly.  Don't get me wrong - I have a policy to NOT give in if she throws a tantrum to try to get what she wants - her dad and I are very clear that screaming and crying at us result in an automatic no.  But, if you can get him to communicate with you before a tantrum, then it is good practice for him.

  • when my brother was younger and wanted to get rid of bottles at night, one night i gave him his sippy cup and told him his bottles blew up, he NEVER asked for them, and then slowly stopped giving him even his sippy cup at night. but he was never picky when he had a sippy cup.
  • I don't really have any advice about the sippy.  Does he consistently prefer one cup?  Could it be a color thing? 

    I thought the bedtime bottle was going to be a bear to get rid of, but I cheated some and have just switched the bedtime milk to a sippy cup.  I did it one night after we'd been out, it was later than normal, and the girls had eaten really well so I figured things were different enough to just throw in something else different.  They drank their milk in sippy cups that night with no problem and have done just fine since then.  Now I'm still trying to figure out how to get rid of the bedtime milk completely, so I'm hoping someone has some good suggestions! 

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  • I agree with the pp's that it might be good practice to ask him which cup he wants before you fix the milk.  I've heard before that basic questions like that help develop communication skills that help cut down on the tantrums.  For the bottle, eh, I wouldn't stress about it just yet.  Tess was super easy and just didn't care if I didn't give her a bottle at bedtime. How do you give it to him?  Does he hold it and drink it in the crib?  Or do you put him to bed after he drinks one?  I would cut way back on the amount of milk in the bottle first and see if he starts to lose intrest in it.  If that doesn't work then I would cut cold turkey eventually.
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