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Has anyone put cereal in there babys bottle to help reflux? Did it help? Not sure why but I'm nervous! Did change your babys poop?

Re: reflux

  • We've been adding cereal for reflux for a week now. It has helped a lot! She's only spitting up after about 1/2 of her feedings instead of all. Her poop is a little bit firmer than before. Pedi told us to use a glycerin suppository if she gets constipated, but we only had trouble with that the first day or so.
  • We have been putting cereal in the bottles for about a week now.  It has also helped us as the PP said, there has been much less spit up.  None out of the nose which was a problem for our DD.  We put in 1 tsp for 4 ounces.  we also use oatmeal instead of rice b/c our pedi said this will cause no constipation and it hasn't.  poop is firmer though.  Good luck :)
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