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Anyone have the Fisher Price Infant to Toddler Rocker?

Rec'd this as a gift, would it be preferable over the regular bouncey seat since you can use for a greater length of time?  I would really like to only keep one or the other.  Thanks!


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Re: Anyone have the Fisher Price Infant to Toddler Rocker?

  • I bought it from a friend of mine after DS had outgrown his regular bouncy seat - I love it!  It was great for when we first started solids, he loved the mobile on it and now he'll play in it and pull up on it and try to climb in it.  He's also slept in it a few times during EI's and teething.  I think it would be fine to have from the beginning! 
  • I have it and didn't have a bouncy seat.  I think next time I'll invest in a bouncy seat.  the rocker is not as plush and comfortable for a newborn as a bouncy seat. HTH
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  • I have one of each (got the rocker really cheap at a consignment sale) and liked them both, but for different purposes. J LOVED his bouncy seat when he was little and the rocker definitely didn't keep him happy as long. However, the rocker lasted a lot longer since it could handle a heavier weight. It also was perfect for me to leave upstairs so I didn't have to move the bouncy up & down all the time.
  • We've had the infant to toddler rocker since DD was born and it's been great.  But I have to say that when she was younger that she much preferred a bouncer vs the rocker.  I was given a bouncer so I kept both the rocker and bouncer.  I'm going to go ahead and convert hers to the toddler rocker since she's mobile now and see how she likes it.  We used the bouncer 60% of the time when she was smaller though.

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  • Where do ya'll store all of this stuff?!  Ha Ha.  I'm feeling so overwhelmed with the activity items. 
  • My DS would sleep in nothing but the rocker for the first month. He is grabbing at the toys on the swing bar now. He loves it! I like that it can grow with him, and that it also has feet that make it a stable chair instead of a rocker.

  • We have used ours from the beginning and LOVE it!! That is going to be my gift of choice from now on for expecting moms. Katie still uses it, so it's definitely been worth the money!

    Katie, Duke Gardens, 6months


    Zach, Duke Gardens, 6months


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  • DS is 3yo and has had it since birth.  He STILL uses it.  It is the only vibrating seat we had.
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