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He's growing up to fast :(

So my 6 week old has his first tooth coming in already!!! I'm shocked, isn't this a little to early for a tooth, Anyone else here have any teeth coming in yet? He's growing to fast lol

Re: He's growing up to fast :(

  • MINE! Her 2 bottom teeth are both coming in. :( Is there anything you know of that we can do for them, being so young?
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  • I have no idea, I'm calling the Dr tomorrow asap!!!! lol
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  • I was just wondering this myself ... my LO over the past 2 days started to drool a LOT & is always chewing on his hand.  I thought it was impossible for my DS to be teething this young ... but I guess not since you ladies have LO's that are!!!  They do grow up too fast!!!
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