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Chloe or Zoe?

Tell me what you love/hate about these names.

Re: Chloe or Zoe?

  • Chloe-

    love- I think it makes for a super cute little girl's name and a sassy but sophisiticated grown up girl's name.

    hate- it is rather popular


    love- the fact that it is my dog's name

    hate -the fact that it is my dogs name! (and I have run into a lot of other cats and dogs named Zoe too!)

  • Chloe- makes me think chlorine

    Zoe- i like, i think it sounds spunky

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  • I prefer Zoe. I think they are both getting popular, but Zoe less so. Plus I have liked the name Zoe since I was like 8 :)

  • I prefer Chloe over Zoe, but I don't really like it. Zoe is really awful to me, and it boggles my mind that people name human beings Zoe.
  • I love the name Chloe! It has a great sound to it, but I think it would age really well!

    Not a fan of Zoe at all. My (much younger) cousin is named Zoe and I also teach a little girl with this name -they're both cute little girls, so the name should have grown on me by now, but I just can't get into it.

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  • I think Chloe works better, but I dont think if you named you kid Zoe it would just be "the worst thing in the world!". Zoe isnt bad either.

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  • I like Zoe. 

    I used to like Chloe, but my H always says "Chloe Chlamydia!" so I can't think of anything else. 

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  • I have never met a Chloe but it sounds soft and feminine.  I have know 2 Zoes who have been amazing women.  Both incredibly kind, generous and pretty.  So I like Zoe more.
  • I love Chloe!

    Zoe is nms at all. I'm not sure why exactly. It just doesn't appeal to me, and I also think of Elmo's friend Zoe (lol).

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  • I have a student named Chloe and absolutely love her.  On that note I also have a student named Zoe and in teacher terms she is "very spirited."
  • My best friend has a cat names Zoe. Ditto pp that it's a popular pet name, so I would avoid it (even though it is really a cute name). Chloe is personally ruined for me, just because of a former negative association, but I see nothing wrong with it for other people.


  • Zoe is cute. I would never use it, but I like it. Chloe is just alright to me. I have two friends named Chloe and they have told me that when they introduce themselves people often say, "I have a dog named Chloe." It drives them nuts. 
  • I prefer Chloe (it's on my own list) but I don't like that it's so popular.  Might end up using it anyway since DH really loves it...
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  • I like're gonna get zip from me. Sorry!
  • I like 'em both too, but if pressed I'd say I like Chloe better.
  • Chloe = cat or a 2 year old, so I guess Zoe by default but I am not crazy about either.

  • I like both, but if I had to choose I would go with Chloe
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  • Chloe sounds more timeless to me.  Zoe reminds me of a punk rocker or a dog.  I don't like it.
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  • Neither are really my style, but I like Chloe better. Zoe reminds me of a childhood friend's dog.
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  • I like them both a lot! One of my favorite actresses is Zooey Deschanel, who's spelling is pulled from J.D. Salingers Zooey and Franny. I really like the name.

    Both are really pretty but it seems more people prefer Chole to be the prettier name.

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