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We are so stuck on boy names.  I have a baby name book and I've looked all over the web but DH and I can't seem to find a name that really stands out or works for us.  Do any of you recommend a certain website?  So far we both agree on Samuel Charles but we're not sold on it either.  Anyone else stuck?

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  • googling "baby names" will give you a lot of options. 
  • I just started looking at this site today

    It has some interesting stuff on it. :)

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  • I like
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  • I printed out the top 1000 names on the SS website and H and I spent the afternoon crossing off names that didn't work for us. We narrowed it down to about 5 that we both liked. Made figuring everything out a little easier.
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  • Browse the phonebook.
  • Phone book was a good idea, that should weed out the random ethnic 5 consonant names also. 

    I dont know if we have the same style, but my fav boy names are Conner, Carter, Cooper, Gavin, Landon, Ryan, Hudson, Reid... ect ect...


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  • Watch the credits of a movie. That's how Matthew jumped out at us.
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