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Postpartum Depression

Could it be PPD?

DS is almost 9 months old, but I'm fairly certain that I'm currently battling with depression. Would it even be considered PPD this late in the game?

Therapy is not covered under my insurance, so I would need to see a PCP to discuss my options. Someone suggested I talk to my OB, although I am no longer with the OB that delivered DS because of a change in insurance. What should I do?

Re: Could it be PPD?

  • PPD can present any time in the first year. I called my OB who referred me to a therapist, but you can definitely call and start with your pcp and see what s/he recommends for you.
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  • I'm in the same boat as you, although I think I've been depressed all along and kept contributing it to other factors.  I'm going to see my PCP next week.  I have a therapist that I've seen in the past, so I may start up with her again as well (if insurance covers it).
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  • Yep, the first year it's still considered PPD.
  • I'm pretty sure PPD can happen anytime within the first year.  I struggled with this myself after the birth of my second son, and it was my OB that I spoke with who was able to help and perscribe antidepressants.  You might want to try your new OB.  I know that this one didn't deliver your baby, but they do deal with this kind of a thing and it may be worth a try. 

    Either way, please talk to someone.  There is help out there and PPD is an awful thing to go through.  I wish that I would have talked to my OB sooner than I did...I think that maybe those first few months could have been a more enjoyable time for everyone.  Good luck and I hope you start feeling better !

  • i can't help but chime and in let you know that i talked to my ob about ppd at my 12 month check-up; my son was nearly a year old when i was diagnosed with ppd. medicine may not be for everyone, but it worked for me. i was prescribed lexapro for approx. two months, and after that, was back to my old, pre-baby self. after giving birth, our horomones are all out of wack, and sometimes, they just need a little adjusting.
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