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Bumper & mattress questions

So I have to 2 questions: 

Ok so with anything, there are mix reviews...  In 2 of my books they recommend no bumper in the crib because of suffocation and SIDS.  Last night DH (in all of his baby wisdom) came home from dinner with co-workers and said "the crib has to have a bumper"...  One of his co-workers said we have to have it along with a few other personal recommendation...

What did you ladies do? 

Second where did you get your crib mattress?  I have a BRU coupon for 20% off on a mattress we would have to use this weekend and another that I I could use by March, but the mattresses from BRU they are fairly inexpensive.  DH was saying that one of our friends spent like $400 on their crib mattress.  I thought that was nuts!


Re: Bumper & mattress questions

  • 1- We have and always have had a bumper. I took the bumper off her cradle one time (she was a couple months old) and her leg got caught in the slats in the middle of the night and she screamed bloody murder. Yeah...that sucker went back on right away and never looked back!

    If you're worried about SIDS/suffocation, then get a breathable mesh bumper.

    2- We got ours at BRU

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  • We used the bumper until DD was able to move around a bit in the crib and I found her face pressed up next to the bumper during a nap.  Needless, to say my heart stopped and out came the bumper.  It think it happened around 4 month of age. 

    We got our mattress at BRU.  I think it was like $150 or so.

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  • We are using bumpers for the same reason I've heard above about the legs getting stuck in the slats.  I guess there are the breathable ones that prevent that, but we have a ceiling fan and that is supposed to offset the fact that the regular bumpers can trap air in the crib.

    As for a mattress we bought the La Baby 2 in 1 from Costco.  It is on sale right now for $109 with free shipping.  It is a great mattress with organic top layers.  

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  • 1 -  We used a bumper until he decided to climb out at 15 months.  I will do it again with baby #2.  If you are really concerned, they do have breathable ones.  I didn't want Jax to get his legs caught in between the rails.  

    2 - I got my mattress at baby junction (i think) with the rest of our furniture.  If not there, then I got it at the baby's room in kennesaw.  I want to say we paid like $180 or $280 for it, but it was 2 years ago, so I really don't remember. :) 

  • A bumper came with my bedding, but I have been too afraid to use it.  We don't have a crib skirt, so I actually tied the bumper to the railing under the mattress, if that makes sense - so it acts like a crib skirt and actually looks really cute.  We still swaddle Baer every nap and at night, so I don't have issues with his feet getting caught yet.

    I bought my mattress at BRU.  It was one of the ones recommended by Baby Bargains and was about $180. 

  • We have a bumper.  I did take it out once when he first started rolling around.  Until he woke up SCREAMING and his leg was stuck in the bar.  I actually put the bumper in around 2 am that night.  Scared the crap out of me.  Gavin loved the bumper... his had different fabrics on it and he loved the corduroy.  He would go to sleep rubbing it- lol.  I took it out about a month ago just because he doesn't need it anymore and I am going to sell his bedding so didn't want to take a chance on him ruining it after all this time ;-)

    As for the mattress- I think ours is a Serta from BRU.  I picked one that was right in the middle price point.  I think it was a little over $100.  It's firm and snug in the crib- never had any issues with it.  I don't really see the point in spending a ton of money on one...






  • 1 - we kept ours in. Bailey likes to mash his head into the bumper and if it wasn't there I'm sure my kid was have some big ole bruises on his head/face.

    2 - I ordered ours online at Great Beginnings and got a colgate classic I for like $120 with free shipping. A girl on another board recommended them. You might want to also look at New Baby Products. Their mattresses were cheaper when I was looking at them then at BRU.

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  • 1.  We keep the bumper out.  I hate what a waste it has become, but I'm too scared.  He rolls around like crazy too, and (knock on wood) his legs/arms haven't gotten caught in the rails yet.  If it becomes a problem I will probably put the bumper in (maybe).

    2.  We ordered the mattress (colgate classica II) from *I think* Albee baby?  Love that it is dual sided for infant and toddler.  I believe it was around $250.

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  • 1, We use a bumper

    2 - baby surplus.com

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