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Postpartum Depression

PPD...even at 6 months+?

I just found this board and before I contact my dr, I thought I would see if you ladies had any feedback.

Lately I'm feeilng so overwhelmed, I feel like nothing is ever good enough.  My 6+ month old has only slept thru the night a handful of times since we brought her home from the hospital - so that is definitely not helping.  I used to be this happy-go-lucky person, always smiling, etc; and now the only time I feel like I am in control and cheerful is when I'm at my job - isn't that just horrible?! 

I have this adorable baby at home with a wonderful husband and when I walk in the door I just feel like my "to do" list is miles long.  My in-laws are coming this weekend, my house looks like it was hit by a tornado, and I'm working a 13+ hour day today...

When L wakes up in the middle of the night or starts fussing after I pick her up from daycare - I just get so crabby with her.  I love her to death, but lately I get so frustrated with everything.

I have no idea is this is anything near PPD or if it's just me being a new working mom and just still adjusting to life now.

If anyone has any feedback I'd appreciate it - tia.

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Re: PPD...even at 6 months+?

  • PPD can pop up any time in the first year of baby's life. You sound overwhelmed and anxious - that's how I was too. My PPD was anxiety based. Talk to your doc and get a referral for a therapist - that really helped me. I was also on a low dose of Lexapro which worked wonders.

    Good luck!

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  • I'm not 100% sure you have PPD, but you could just have old fashioned depression/anxiety.  I think that around 6w pp, I had the baby blues.

    Months later - like around 6-7months, I started to feel super overwhelmed, aggitated, angry, and sad.  I talked to a psychiatrist who felt that while certainly a lot of my feelings had to do with Jacob, that it might not be PPD.  Anyway, I got on some meds and did about 4 months of therapy.  And things are worlds different than they were before.  Sure, I still have crappy moments, but not like before.

    I think you are stressed, tired and overwhelmed.  I would do a couple of things: enlist DH's help with everything...you work...he works.  It should be both of you dealing with the baby and household.  Get an appt with your doctor.  Talk to him/her about how you've been feeling.  Don't hold anything back.  And while you're ILs are here this weekend, take a couple of hours to go get a massage, get a cup of coffe and read a magazine or just go to a book store and relax.  Let's be honest...they didn't come to see you!  (Just kidding!)


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  • I think it is dealt with the same way if it is regular anxiety or PPD.   Either way, you would take an antidepressant and/or therapy. 

    I hope it gets better!  I completely understand how you feel.

  • Technically speaking PPD can present anytime within the first 18 months of baby's life, so what you're experiencing "could" be PPD. I guess I'd just have a talk with your OB about your feelings and see what their opinion is. There are SOOOO many facets to PPD that people don't realize, it doesn't have to be "severe" for you to have it. And actually it could be any one of the dozens of post-natal mood disorders which are not widely discussed. Definitely talk to a professional and see what they think, don't be afraid of a diagnosis, afterall it can bring you the help you need! GL!


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