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PIP- We tried the back carry today

Henry loved it. He's not usually a huge fan of being worn, but he hung out on DH's back for about an hour while he helped me clean the house.Image and video hosting by TinyPic
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Re: PIP- We tried the back carry today

  • Is that in a Moby? You could get him up higher with a woven, and he'd probably love that- they can see right over your shoulder and get a birds eye view of everything going on. I'm posting a pic in my fluffy mail post of me wearing Lily in the woven I just got today.
  • He looks very cozy :)
  • Look at how your DH head fits onto the head of baby in the pic on the wall, that's funny to me! 

    And DS looks cute all snugged up in the back carry!

     And---DH helped you clean?!  Bonus points to him!

  • that is so great! my DD loved being worn forward facing or on my back (if she was turned into my chest, or in a cross carry infant style she hated every min of it)
    - MeLisa mom to Kaylee Adeline born: 12-29-07

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