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my hostess gift- LIP

My mother and MIL are hosting my shower. I got them these grandmother suitcases and inside I'm putting blankets embroidered with our LOs' names. (Their names were going to be a secret but DH slipped to a few people so I thought it'd be a good time for everyone to know at once because it's not going to stay a secret for much longer now.) I'm also planning on putting some baby books about Grandmothers inside. Our twins will be the first grandchildren on both sides. What do you think?

Re: my hostess gift- LIP

  • I think that's super sweet and cute! :D
  • They are definatly very cute but, I assume they are for LO when they are going to stay with grandma- so, wouldn't that mean that these will be living at your house? I wouldn't consider it a gift for grandma if you and LO are the ones who will be using it. Unless I misunderstood and you plan on filling them with overnight things and perminantly leaving them at Grandma's house as more of a suitcase to store that stuff in, then I guess it would be o.k.
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  • If you want to get technical then I guess you're right. My mothers are very sentimental and I know it'll mean a lot. They'd appreciate me spending money on a thank you gift that they'll remember rather than a gift certificate, etc.

    I just wanted to show that not everything is black and white with hostess gifts. IMO, if you truly know who you're giving a gift to whatever comes from the heart won't be tacky or unappreciated- even if it's a gift from the baby/babies. KWIM? Wink

  • I think this is a super cute gift. My mom and MIL would also have loved them, even though they're technically for your own use.

    I don't see why you couldn't leave them at the grandparents' houses, though. 

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