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Crazy 24 hours....

The last 24 hours seem like a dream. I was at work when the agency called and said they had a "drop in" that delivered a 6 lb 9 ounce 18 inch long little boy. Emphasis on little. We got to meet the birth mom and she was really sweet and focused on making sure the baby got bonding time with us. We were able to get a room in the hospital and able to keep the baby with us throughout the night. The birth mom asked us for the name we are going to give him and wanted to put that on the birth certificate. His name is Jayce Efren A. Now we are at home and still in disbelief. Well, and really tired. Between my husband snoring and Jayce waking up every few hours I believe I got 3 hours of sleep. I am now feeling a second wind that I hope allows me to get his room more situated and some bottles sterilized. 

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  • Oh, that is just wonderful!  Congratulations on your new baby boy.  The sleep will get better in time, too.

    It's funny, I was exactly the same size at birth- 6lbs 9 oz, 18 inches.  I think it is a perfect size for a baby!

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  • OMG congrats!
  • That is so wonderful!! Congratulations to you guys!
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  • Wow - that is awesome!!
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  • WOW crazy is wonderful for all of you.  I remember the no sleep days..its gets better and you can take a deep breath soon.  Congrats to all of you!
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  • Definetly a crazy time! Congrats!
  • What wonderful news! Congrats!
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  • Congratulations!  How exciting!

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  • Congratulations! That is so wonderful.
  • That's great!  We were matched like this too (although after the call we had to drive 12 hours to get Ben and stay 10 days in a hotel).   The sleep will get better, I promise.  Enjoy your time with your new little one, mommy!
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    You didn't grow in my tummy, but in my heart!!


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  • Congrats!
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  • That is amazing!  Congratulations, Mom!

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  • Wow, what a whirlwind introduction to parenthood!  :)  Congratulations!!
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  • Wow! Congrats!!

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  • That's amazing!  Congratulations!  Enjoy it, and soak it up as much as you can!

  • That sounds like the best kind of crazy 24 hours ever. : )
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  • Congratulations! I'm a mom getting ready to adopt out my baby and I love reading about how joyous it is for an adopting mom to have a new baby!!
  • Congratulations!!!  I am so happy for you!  You must be on cloud-9 right now!!

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  • That is so exciting! Congratulations!
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  • Wow, wonderful news! Congratulations!

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  • Wow!!! What a whirlwind and an amazing blessing!  It must be so surreal.  Good luck getting organized but don't forget that most precious snuggle time.
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  • that is JUST WONDERFUL!  Congratulations!...
    After 7 years of marriage and 5 unsuccessful IVFs, we have been granted the gift of adopting a baby boy, born 4/21/11.
  • Thank you all so much for the well wishes. The funny thing is just last week I was really feeling down and like I was never going to be a mom. So all you waiting for a match it truly can and will happen. 
  • How very exciting!  I think it's always so thrilling to hear these stories about how things happened so quickly and everything falls into place!  Enjoy every moment:)
  • OMG - how wonderful.  Congrats!!
  • Congratulations!
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