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Moving to Richmond...Help!

Hi ladies!  DH and I are moving to Richmond in June.  We know no one, so we are needing some insider info on good neighborhoods to live in, good OBs, really any tips you can offer.  Thanks!

Re: Moving to Richmond...Help!

  • I loved my OB-Dr Leslie Davis with Virginia Physicians for Women (the Johnston-Willis office).  She was recommended to me when I moved here a few years ago.  Where in Richmond are you thinking of living?
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  • imageRylandVT:
    I loved my OB-Dr Leslie Davis with Virginia Physicians for Women (the Johnston-Willis office).  She was recommended to me when I moved here a few years ago.  Where in Richmond are you thinking of living?

    We aren't sure where we will be living yet, it all depends on how much financing the bank gives us.  Any suggestions on areas that are reasonably priced?  

    Thanks for the you know if she is cleared for VCU?  My husband will be working there and that's where our insurance will cover.  

    Thanks again for replying!

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  • She doesn't work at MCV, sorry!  There are several neighborhoods in Chesterfield (Brandermill, Woodlake, etc) that are at the end of Powhite Parkway (toll road straight into downtown) if you want to live more in a suburb than near VCU-this is where I live and grew up so if you're interested in Chesterfield/Midlothian, let me know!.  Prices vary considerably depending on which neighborhood-there are many new developments  popping up everywhere around here.
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  • I also live in the Midlothian area and would recommend it to anyone especially people with kids.  The school system is great and there are lots of things to do around here.  My husband works downtown and it takes him about 15-20 minutes to get to work.  I teach about 10 minutes from where we live.  I would look into Midlothian.  RylandVT recommended Brandermill and Woodlake which are great neighborhoods.  Woodlake is farther from the city than Brandermill.  Charter Colony, The Grove, Walton Park, Queensmill and Walton Lake are great neighborhoods too.

    I go to Richmond OBGYN (located in Johnston Willis hospital) but you call call VCU since that is who you know you can go through and get a recommendation. 

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  • I live in the Glen Allen area and absolutely love being on "this side" of the river.  I go to Virginia women's center and see Dr. Zechman at the St. Mary's office.  She's amazing!  Good luck! 
  • I live in the Lakeside area of Richmond, but my OB, Dr. Kristen Schraa, is at VA Women's Center at Memorial Regional in Mechanicsville. Mech'ville is a suburban area outside of Richmond with great schools (Hanover County) and I think its a good place to raise a family. Once we are ready/able to sell our house we will most likely be looking in Mechanicsville. Good luck!!
  • I grew up in "the ville."  It's definitely a nice place to live!  We're still in Hanover now, just  closer towards the Ashland side.  I am partial to the school districts here... It's a great place to raise a family, but the home prices are generally a bit higher.
  • Hi There!  We just moved here 1 year ago from Fredericksburg, VA. We did know a lot about the area but were looking at 3 places to live: Mechanicsville, Glen Allen, Midlothian.

    We chose Mechanicsville because of the stats/school systems/ and overall convenience of not being too far south from our fam in Fredericksburg/Stafford.  There is less traffic here in Mechanicsville and a lot of new growth. A lot of families from Glen Allen ("upscale suburbia") are moving to Mechanicsville because it is very similar to Glen Allen, a lil cheaper, but not too far from hustle and bustle and GREAT place to raise your kids.

    We did not choose Midlothian simply because of hthe traffic  but do love the area.

    My OB is also at Memorial Regional hospital in Mechanicsville. It's a Bon Secours hospital and my OB is Dr. Powers. Love her! So Awesome!


    Good luck!

  • Hi! Congrats on your pregnancy!! Is this your first? We moved to Va  a couple of years ago and really like Glen Allen. My husband works all the time, so it was very important for us to find an area where I feel safe. Glen Allen seems like it's more of a "family" centered area and I've heard great things about the surrounding schools!

    I decided to go w/ MCV bc my husband is a 2nd year Obgyn resident there, but I've heard wonderful things about St. Mary's hospital. We are seeing Dr. Karjane @MCV and so far she is awesome! I'll have to let you know how the delivery goes in July!! 

  • Hi- Richmond is great! My DH and I moved here about 4 years ago from Pennsylvania.

     If you're looking for an OB at VCU, Nicole Karjane is great. I work with her - haven't been her patient - but really respect her. One of my friends is currently seeing her and loves her.

  • Welcome to the RIC! I am a native Richmonder and am partial to living in the city! My DH and I are now thinking, because of the little one on the way, of moving to the west end because of the schools.

     I love my doctor, Dr. Siobhan Dunnavant with OBGYN Associates. She is at Henrico Doctors but i'm not sure if she'd go to VCU. VCU is a fantastic place and a girlfriend of mine just had her baby there.. i'll ask her who she saw!

     You'll love Richmond and if you need ANYTHING, don't be afraid to holler! I'd be happy to help in any way!


  • I would recommend Women's Health Center at Stony Point and Dr. Morosky is great!  Good luck with the move, I love the Richmond area!

  • We just moved here from SC and bought a house in Milothian. I love it here!
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