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I'm having two showers- one hosted by two of my BFF's, and one hosted by my SIL. I know it's tacky to be too involved in the showers myself, but what about making the invitations/thank you cards? I'm an avid card-maker/scrapbooker, and I'm interested in making these for at least one of my showers. Especially since I'm currently on bedrest, I have plenty of time to get these done...as you can see I'm only 14 weeks and my showers won't be until at least the end of June. Is this a tacky thing for me to do, or is it okay if it's the only way I'm involved? For the most part, everyone who will be attended the showers knows I am into paper-crafting and I think they would appreciate it, but they would also know it was me who made them.

Just curious what everyone's opinion is about this.

Re: Tacky?

  • As long as you aren't listed as a "hostess" for your shower, who cares what you do.  Just dont' make a big deal out of it. If people ask, sure, own up to it.  But even then, just dont make a big deal out of it. 
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  • I would just be making them and then giving them to the hostess to hand out/address, do what she wants with. I figured it was no big deal, but I've seen so much on here about it being tacky if the mom-to-be is involved in her own shower.
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  • I tend to agree, as long as you aren't listed as a host and it's something you enjoy doing I don't think it could hurt.  Sorry you're on bed rest already!!  Craft projects are certainly a good way to pass the time though:-)
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    I tend to agree, as long as you aren't listed as a host and it's something you enjoy doing I don't think it could hurt.  Sorry you're on bed rest already!!  Craft projects are certainly a good way to pass the time though:-)


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  • Go for it.  I made the invites and TYs for my wedding shower.
  • I think involvement is okay if the hostess' actually want your involvement. I made the centerpeices for my shower because I am creative like that and was ASKED if I would mind doing it. I was on bedrest as well and wanted to do it. I just needed them to go out and get me all the material.

    So if ASKED, help. Some hostess' actually have an image of the entire party and you should allow them to do their thing and just be thankful. Some like help. SO IMO it depends on what your hostess' want.


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  • Agree, this is up to the hostess. There is nothing tacky about it IF they want your help. They may have other plans in mind, and you should roll with that. TY notes you can totally do without their asking you to, though. So get working on those and have fun!
  • I would offer!  I know when I've hosted showers, the invitations can be expensive!  They are also time consuming to order!  I think it's a great way to help out and it's easy to present it in a way that shows them that you want to help and have identified something you are passionate about that will help you pass time while on bedrest.  Even if a guest found out you made them, I can't imagine someone frowning on this type of involvement, especially since it gives you something to do.  I say go for it!
  • Am I crazy, or don't people normally make/buy their own thank you cards?

    Also a cardmaker.  Go for it if they don't have any exciting plans.  You could even make the outer invite yourself and your hostess could print out invitation wording for the inside.  this way if they have something planned you don't spoil it :)

  • I would stick with making the thank-you cards. This seems to be the safest option to avoid the "that's so tacky" comments about being too involved in the shower process.

    Thank you notes are necessary and the personal touch will be appreciated. 

    Hope this helps!

  • I would say its perfectly fine to make the thank you cards, mabey talk to the hosts about the invites , they might have already found some really cute ones or had a certin one in mind, but it never hurts to offer,
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  • I think the thank you cards are up to you anyway, aren't they? But I think if you want to be involved with the invites, etc., there is nothing wrong, as long as you're not hosting it yourself :) My mom and sisters are throwing mine, and I'd love to help them, at least with the planning. I'm just not hosting it myself.


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  • If they don't have a problem with it then go for it!

    It'll save the hostess money and you get to do something fun,

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  • go for it! i'm designing my own invites and will give them to my mom to mail out.
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