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plane rides

we had 4 in the past week... (going to GA from AR to see DH graduate from army officer candidate school)... she did AWESOME!!! she was even off oxygen! people gave me those crazy "she's got a baby on a plane" looks- but the little bird didn't even cry. not once!

i missed you ladies though.. i think i may be addicted to ya'll.can't wait to catch up.

(and i haven't blogged in about two weeks- so many pent up posts!)


Re: plane rides

  • You are brave.  Very brave!  Glad the traveling went well!
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  • Our first plane ride is the end of March. Glad you had a great experience!
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  • Can't wait for new blog posts.  get busy little missy!  :)  Glad Ms. Wren did well.
  • Nice!!!
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  • welcome back, congrats to your husband and so glad the travel went well. 

    I think I am addicted as well.  Couldn't make it without you guys.


    Oh and could you write a few blog posts for me too.  I am so behind!

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  • Glad it went well!  We go flying in April  ::crosses fingers:: hopefully it goes equally well for us :)
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