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Postpartum Depression

In Patient Treatment Center?

Hi Ladies,

This might be odd to ask but has anyone been to an in patient treatment center for depression? If you have what was it like?

I have prenatal depression and just broke up with my boyfriend. I have started to see a therapist on a weekly basis and I have an appointment tomorrow with a psychiatrist  who specializes in treating pre and postpartum depression. But it has made me so sick, I barely eat and have even lost weight, I cant sleep, I have a constant headache, all I do is cry and the list goes on and on.

I am going to ask the doctor tomorrow because part of me thinks going away would help me focus just on me and it might make it easier to deal with everything.


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Re: In Patient Treatment Center?

  • i don't have any experience with it but hopefully your Dr. has some insight.  ((hugs))
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  • I can tell you, I wanted to go when i was at my worst.  My psychiatrist said that unless I was suicidal, I couldn't go. I just wanted to be away so that I could feel safe.  I didn't feel suicidal, thank god.  
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  • There is one at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.
  • You may not check this post anymore but I was in an In patient treatment centre for an eating disorder/depression not long ago. I was there for 6 months and quite honestly it did help me quite a bit. I am able to live my life somewhat normally now, with just a few episodes of depression now and then and even then they are nothing like they used to be. I would never want to go there again, it was a hard way to live and I had no personal space or freedom. I was locked in a unit everyday all day long and was only allowed out to go for walks with a nurse, it was not fun. I couldn't even use the bathroom alone.

    I would talk to your psychiatrist about it, I am not sure what it is like in the USA for getting in to treatment centres but I do know that you have to be pretty sick and most likely suicidal to be put into inpatient treatment. They may consider it since you are pregnant and are having trouble with eating and depression.

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  • I was admitted 5 days after I gave birth. I stopped eatting, lost a ton of weight, couldnt sleep, didnt wnat to shower (take care of myself or my baby). I wasnt suicidal- just numb to the world. I made an appt with my OB and she sent me straight to the ER where I was admitted. I stayed in a treatment facility at the hospital for 2 nights. I was started on Prozac and given sleep meds and just slept a ton. I also got my appetite back and by Friday morning (I went in on Wednesday night) I was ready to go home. I really think me not sleeping had a lot to do with it. I had literally had no sleep since being induced two days before my baby was born up until I was admitted. Even though it was the hardest thing in the world for me to leave my newborn, I am so glad I did it.
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