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Prozac ?s

My dr. just prescribed prozac... and I'm freaking out about taking it while still breastfeeding.  I've found things on the internet (and my dr. and the pedi both said) saying its safe...... I just HATE taking meds while bfing.  Anyone else on prozac who still BF?  

I am hoping this will help me, but I will not be satisfied if I can't continue to BF.   

Re: Prozac ?s

  • When I was put on Prozac I stopped EPing. My doctor said there wasnt anything saying it wasnt safe, but I didnt feel right doing it. If you doctor says it's okay and you feel comfortable doing it, then I would. I think it's your personal choice.
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  • i just started it too and bf.  i even asked a friend who is a pharmacist and she looked into it and said it was fine.  but i know totally what you mean about worrying about taking anything!  i hate to have to take anything too. 

    if youre that concerned can you talk to your dr about trying something else?  hth!

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  • I take it and struggled with this too.

    Here in Canada, there is an organization called Motherrisk that studies issues like this. I called them and was assured that LO is getting only very small amounts via breast milk and was told it is safe (I take 20 mg).

    Good luck.  I know exactly how you are feeling.

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