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How did the meeting go yesterday?

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  • Hey! Thanks for thinking about me. :)


    We were not chosen. We were told it was "VERY close" between us and another family. 

     Our social worker said she should have a HS draft to our agency by today, so once they approve it and we can get our dossier in we'll be in line for an ET referral, but hope to have other "waiting children" come up that we may be considered for as well.


    It was hard to hear no, but we prepped for it and are used to it. I am just trying to stay at peace. :) 

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    How did the meeting go yesterday?


    How did your matching party go????

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  • Oh that sucks.  I'm sorry to hear that you weren't chosen.

    I didn't realize that you haven't submitted your dossier yet.  So, are the waiting children matched by the agencies here in the US, while straight referrals (are those the ET referrals?) made by Ethiopia?  For Peru, all referrals are made by the Peruvian central authority, so I'm just curious how it works for you.

    Thanks for asking about our matching session.  They actually postponed it until Tuesday, because they couldn't get a quorum yesterday.  Bah.  Maybe it's for the best.  I don't expect to be matched this time, and maybe by Tuesday I'll be able to convince myself that it won't happen this time.

  • Uh yeah....my dossier paperwork has been sitting here ready for about a month, but my home study isn't written so I can't submit it. UGH!!


    Our agency gets an intake list and they do the referrals for the country program, but the children with some sort of need, mild or major, get placed in a particular program where you go through a interview process or special referral process for. So while we were waiting, we applied for one of them in that program. 

     Our SW said she should have had our HS draft in today, so if they approve it then she'll get us a copy, I'll drive to the state capital (like 3 1/2 hours away) and get it authenticated, then we'll mail in our dossier. THEN we'll wait in the referral line for a child from ET, or also be able to consider  a waiting child from ET. 


    Let us know how Tuesday goes!!! I know how it is not expecting much. You never know. I will be sending good vibes your way.



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