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First night away from my little Addison.

My sister in law and my mother in law have her for the evening so hubby and I can get some MUCH needed rest. Also because my sis in law is having back surgery Monday and won't be able to visit Addie for 2 wks (she comes every week to visit her).

Now I am here SHOULD BE resting but just can't. I miss little one so much I know she will be back tomorrow but what do I do with myself?


Re: First night away from my little Addison.

  • I know it's hard to rest once you have a chance :) Try and get some sleep so you'll be ready to give her lots of hugs tomorrow.
  • awww

    get some sleep!

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  • I remember the first night away, but I was unfortunately at a bachelorette and not getting any rest.  Enjoy your night off... that is so great you have trustworthy family to care for your LO.  Get some rest!


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