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TG for Ins.

I just read the post below asking how much everyone's ins. was billed for their LO's NICU stay.  I'm shocked at ours.  I think the most I saw in the post below was $100K.  My son was in the NICU for 14 days and the bills are in at $404,000.00.  Furthermore, we've got two other bills in for the NICU at $100,000 and $303,000.  Could it just be CA?  My son wasn't a preemie, he didn't need oxygen, he needed suction for 2 days, had an epidural for 3 days, but other than that, he was in an open crib for the rest of his stay.  [email protected]!  Thank goodness for insurance!
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Re: TG for Ins.

  • The hospital you were at was likely overcharging. Even for our bills, they try to charge one thing and the insurance company forces them to adjust the price to like 1/3 of it. So ours was 92K but insurance would only allow them to charge 32K, of which we paid our out of pocket maximum and insurance paid the rest.
  • Mine for LO was 170k, and we haven't seen the doctors bill yet.  We're in CA and she was in the NICU for 22 days and didn't need any intervening care but cpap for 1 hour after delivery because she was lazy from the mag drip.  It is crazy.

    My mother audits hospital bills, and she said they used to not audit NICY bills too much because they dont like to question the care that preemies and sick babies were getting but then had to start auditing them more because hospitals were overcharging like crazy. 

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  • Our insurance was billed (and paid) close to $700K for DD's 109 day stay.  Thankfully, we've not had to pay anything out of pocket for the stay.

    ETA:  we're in AL so we have a relatively low COL

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  • I didn't read below because Robbie was in for far longer than 7 days. (96 days total)

    His bill for 2008 was closer to 2 million dollars. The insurance paid about 450,000. That's the total the whole year (well, from his birth May 31, on), but the great majority of that was obviously the NICU. 


  • I was the one who was billed a little over $100K, but my insurance paid out less then half that.  I thought the OP wanted to know the total bill, not what was actually paid.  We didn't pay a dime for her NICU stay or my 10 week stay.

    I work for the hospital and get insurance through it so the rates are discounted.  I swear they don't make much money off of us since we have insurance through them.

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  • I don't know how much our stay was but I'm guessing upwards of $500k for 117 days!
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