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  • I'm so so sorry.   ((hugs))
    Surprise BFP after 5 yrs of TTC
  • I'm so, so sorry. 
    image 30 y/o with PCOS HSG normal, SA essentially normal (slightly low morph but good # and motility) 50 mg Clomid...zip; 100 mg Clomid...nada; 150 mg Clomid...zilch 1/10 Injectable cycle with Gonal-F, Ovidrel, and TI.....Beta 2/22...BFN 2/10 Injectable cycle with Gonal-F and Follistim (long story), Ovidrel..BFN 4/10 Injectable cycle (see above). BFP but early m/c 5w5d. 5/10 Break cycle due to BFC (Big Fat Cyst)...darn it all 6/10 Injectable cycle +IUI...BFN 7/10 Injectable cycle + IUI.....BFP!!! Baby Birthday Ticker Ticker
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  • I am sorry. What a bad bad bad day. Hugs. I am sorry this isn't working for you. I hate that you have to go through this.
    PAIF and SAIF Always Welcome!
    TTC since 2007
    6 IUIs, 3 IVFs, and 2 m/c :< PCOS, Blood Clotting Disorder & MFI
    IVF #2 Aug 2011 is a BFN:<
    IVF #3 March 2012 is a BFN
    Not sure what to do now. Sad and lost.
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  • I'm so sorry.  *HUGS* coming your way!

    Dx: Hyper-turned-hypothyroidism after RAI, Stage II Endometriosis, PCOS/annovulation

    Femara brought us our first-ever BFP after 5+ years!
    Beta #1 (13dpo) 40.8, Beta #2 (17dpo) 189.4, Beta #3 (24dpo) 3748.5

    Evangeline Rachel born at 37w via scheduled c-section due to IUGR and being breech


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  • ((HUGS)) Monty you are in my T&P's Sweetie...
    May 06: Natural PG= m/c, July 09: TI= m/c, November 09: TI=BFN, December 09: IUI= c/p
    IVF#1: start stims 1/26; ER 2/8; ET 2/13= BFN; FET#1: May 2010= m/c *NEW CLINIC Jan 2011* IVF#2: start stims 1/12; ER 1/22; ET 1/27= BFN; IVF#3: TBD
  • I'm so sorry.  (((HUGS)))


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  • I am so sorry (((hugs)))

    TTC in 2008. Stage II/III endo, Hashimotos hypothyroid, low morph (3%).
    2 cycles Clomid/Ovidrel/TI/Crinone=BFN.
    IUI #1 - 4 Follistim/Ovidrel/IUI/Crinone = BFN.
    IVF #1 - Antagonist w/ ICSI 4/10. 17 retrieved, 5DT of 2, BFN :(
    IVF #2 - Long Lupron w/ ICSI 6/10. 15 retrieved, 3DT of 2, BFFN!!
    Lap 7/21/10
    IVF #3 - Clomid/Antagonist w/ ICSI 10/10. 14 retreived, 3DT of 3, BFP 10/20 but m/c. No HB 11/15/10 - D&C 11/17/10.
    FET - 2 blasts, 1 survived the thaw. Transfer 2/19. Beta #1 3/1 375, Beta #2 3/3 885, Beta #3 3/8 4261, Beta #4 3/11 9005. U/S 3/8 1 sac 1 yolk, U/S 3/16 1 heartbeat 114bpm!


    James born Oct. 24th 2011 via c-section at 38 weeks!

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    Surprise BFP - Jack born April 28, 2013 via VBAC after PTL at 33 1/2 weeks!

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  • I am so sorry. There aren't any words for how unfair this is. I will be thinking of you.
  • SUCH CRAP!!!!  I AM SO SORRY!!!!
  • so sorry....sucks. 
    TTC since 07'
    me: PCOS DH: low everything
    IVF #1 & #2 BFN
    IVF # 3 & #4 chemical pregnancy
    IVF #5 BFP, d&e at 15weeks

    [IMG]http://i43.tinypic.com/20ig96s.jpg[/IMG] [IMG]http://i42.tinypic.com/21j9ngi.jpg[/IMG]


  • Damn it! I'm sorry, Monty. ((hugs))

  • I am so sorry. My prayers are with you.
    imageimage Nest Bio I My Blog 2011 Races: Robbins Run 5K Trail Run- 4/23/11 Turkey Hill Country Classic 5K- 5/7/11 MHA Ladies 5K- 6/4/11 Hershey Half Marathon- 10/16/11 Amish Country Half Marathon- 11/5/11 Turkey Trot 5K 11/24/11 Jingle Bell Run 12/11/11 Kris Kringle 5 Miler 12/18/11
  • MONTY.......

    I am so sorry. :( I just don't know what to say. I am so sad. I am still holding out hope for you, but I know that's not what you want to hear.

    This is just so unfair. You will be a mommy and a damn good one. I just don't understand why it's not this time.


    <img src="http://tinyurl.com/55zukg">

    Success with PCOS and uterine deficiency

    IVF #3 - FET in August 2009 at CCRM - BFP!!!!!!!

    Beta #1 (8/26/09 at 9dp5dt): 144, Beta #2 (8/28/09 at 11dp5dt): 315


  • I am so very sorry.  ((((hugs)))))
    Mrs. Georgean 5.13.06 Holy 2nd Surprise BFP - Expecting our 2nd little one on Feb 9th 2013 After 3 years of unexplained infertilty, trying, hoping, and lots of peeing on myself.....Clomid Ovidrel IUI on 7/27/09 Best RE ever = BFP on 8/11/09 9/23 Missed m/c at 10.5 weeks. Very thankful for the time we had together. One lonely follie Clomid Ovidrel jacked up IUI on 12/31/09 (thanks to the nurse who wrote down the wrong protocol ) = 1/14/10 BFN - go figure. 150mg Clomid Ovidrel IUI on 2/12 - beta 2/26 = BFN Again..... Last IUI before a nice break...Cmon Luck of the Irish! Trigger 3/15, IUI 3/17... BFN and taking a little break before Follistim
  • oh Monty I am so sorry...

    huge (((hugs))) 

    TTC since 2008 dx PCOS & MFI
    Clomid/Femara no "O"
    IVF #1 BFN
    FET #1 cancelled for biopsy
    FET #1.2 c/p, July 2012 c/p
    IUI #1 & 1.2 canceled
    IVF #2 ER 12/1, Freeze all due to OHSS
    FET #2.1 cancelled due to DVT risk, FET #2.2 Jan 2013
    my blog
  • Oh Monty, I am soo soo sorry!!! (((HUGS)))
    Lilypie Second Birthday tickers

    TTC Since Dec 2006
    *IVF #1 cancelled at ET*
    *IVF #2 OHSS, transfer cancelled*
    *FET #1 2 frosties, c/p*
    *Lap April 2010, removed endometrioma/endo implants*
    *Surprise BFP June 2010*
    *Beautiful daughter born 2/14/11!!*
    Thoughts from an Overwrought Mind
  • So sorry! This is just so unfair!
    Natural BFP on 3/08
    C/P- at 6 weeks
    5 IUI's= BFN
    Dx: Endo stage 1 : evevated FSH (11.3)
    IVF#1: 3dt 2 8 cell, grade 1 embyos :bfn


    ~A lotus springs from mud~ Chinese proverb
  • I am so, so sorry Monty. (((hugs))) GL with whatever decisions you make.
    DX PCOS w/IR 01/08.
    Currently pg with our 1st after 6.5 yrs of IF (thank you IVF)
    My IF/Everything Blog
    There's No Crying in Baseball
    ***My posts are always SAIFW**
  • I am so sorry.
    TTC (Seriously) from May 2009 IF DX: ? 1st RE appointment- September 2009 Oct 09: Clomid Ovidrel = BFN Nov 09: Clomid Ovidrel Endometrin = BFN Dec 09: Follicular Cysts, BCP to shrink Jan 2010-IUI #1: Gonal-f Ovidrel Endometrin Accupuncture=BFN Feb 2010- Break March 2010- IUI #2: Gonal-f Ovidrel Endometrin= BFN April 2010- IUI #3: Gonal-f Ovidrel Endometrin= BFN Baby Birthday Ticker Ticker
  • Crap, Monty. I'm so, SO sorry. ((hugs))
  • I am so sorry that you are going through this, it is totally not fair at all!

    ((lot's of hugs to you))

  • [email protected]  I've been rooting for you SO much.  I want this for you so much.  I had really thought this one would work.  I wish I had words to really communicate how sorry I am.  ((HUGS))
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  • I'm so sorry.  Please let us know if there's anything we can do to help you.
    DS #1 on the way after 2 cycles of ART (IVF+FET) EDD 7/3/11
  • I'm so sorry, Monty! So, so sorry! (((HUGS)))

    Married July 2005 :: TTC #1 since April 2009 :: Dx: Severe MFI

    IVF #1 (January 2010) and IVF #2 (May 2010): BFN; IVF #3 (August 2010): BFP!


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  • so so very sorry.  just plain sucks. take care of yourself. (((HUGS)))
    After 7 years of marriage and 5 unsuccessful IVFs, we have been granted the gift of adopting a baby boy, born 4/21/11.
  • I'm so sorry
    1-20-09 BFP third month of Follistim IUI 02-19-09 MC 06-24-09 MC July IUI Follistim Ganirelix Ovidrel Crinone=BFN Aug. IUI Follistim Ganirelix ovidrel Crinone=BFP= scared sh**less 10-12-09 MC = 1 ectopic 1 perfect Dec. IUI Gonal-F Ganirelix Ovidrel Crinone Lovenox 01-02-10 BFP=scared sh**less again 01-06-10 CP SAIF ALWAYS WELCOME : ) March 2010 - IVF in progress converted to IUI 03-30-10 BFN April 2010 - IVF - BFFN June 2010 - IVF - BFFN July IUI BFP! March 26 2011 Gracie is here! imageImage and video hosting by TinyPic imageImage and video hosting by TinyPic
  • I am so sorry sweetie :(


  • I am so sorry. <<Hugs>>
  • I am so so sorry.  ((((BIG HUGS)))
    image TTC with PCOS since Feb. 07. Currently on a break to save $$ for IUI. Searching for My Mini M&M
  • (((((((Huge hugs)))))))

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  • I'm so, so sorry!  (((HUGS)))
    Many failed clomid, injectible and IVF cycles.
    3 Fresh IVF cycles in 2010 - 1 BFN, 1 ectopic, 1 m/c at 8 weeks
    IVF#4 - beta #1 - 15dp3dt = 1031

  • I am so sorry.  Big hugs to you.

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  • I am so, so sorry hon.

    I wish there were words.


    Unexplained Infertility

    After two Clomid cycles, three injectable IUI cycles, two IVFs, two miscarriages, and one lap surgery, IVF #2 has brought us our little boy!

    Baby Birthday Ticker Ticker

    TTC #2
    After months of being postponed or cancelled, FET #1.3 (Natural FET) brought us twin girls!

    Baby Birthday Ticker Ticker

    Surprise! Baby #4 is due in March!
  • I am so sorry. :(

    *Excessive scar tissue, blocked tubes*hypothyroidism*
    IVF #1 BFN 10/07
    IVF #2 w/ICSI & AH*C/P 5/09
    Beta #1-33 Beta #2-50 Beta #3-10
    FET 9/9/09*Transferred 2 Blasts*BFP!
    Beta #1- 2991, Beta #2 - 6757 Baby Birthday Ticker Ticker
  • I am so very sorry for you. My heart goes out to you. We are all here for you. Big cyber hugs coming your way.
  • monty, I am so, so sorry. Its just not fair.
  • Sweetie I am so, so sorry. (((HUGS)))

    TTC since July 2008
    MFI & DOR
    IVF #1 - cancelled
    IVF #2 - cancelled
    IVF #3 - BFN
    IVF #4 - BFP!! Beta #1 ~ 1242, Beta #2 ~ 2706
    1st u/s revealed twins! Baby B lost at 7 weeks
    Baby Girl born 11-18-2011
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