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Talk to me about discharge

Any advice for discharge? What do I need to make sure to have? My camera for sure. I'm planning to bring a treat for all the nurses. The car seats are already there. Do I need to bring a cooler for all my milk in the freezer?

We're outta there tomorrow! I'm so stinkin excited.  


Re: Talk to me about discharge

  • I would definitely bring a cooler to put all bm in. Also a change of clothes. Yes, I forgot clothes because I guess I was just to excited, so we ended up taking an outfit from the NICU. Camera, carseat (which they have), a blanket if it's cold, a hat for baby, gloves for baby (depending on the weather). If you have any questions, make sure you ask at discharge.



  • We actually brought a load of stuff home the day before.  All her blankets and extra outfits.  Most of the bm in a cooler.  Her books ect.  Then when it was time to walk out we just had Ella our camera and a few other things.  We had been there so long it was like moving out of a dorm room!
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  • I think my DH had to make 3 trips to the car before we could leave because of all the stuff we had there for our LO.
  • I would get a preemie head support for the car seat.  DD was so small, she definitely needed it.  I would also make a list of questions tonight while you can sit down and think.  (Ex: under what circumstances should I call the doctor, etc).  Also make a list of any memory-book stuff you might want to take, like the hat LO wore, her ID bracelet, etc. Congrats on bringing LO home!
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