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Dr. Appt. update

Evidently the boy has severe tonsillitis.  Super Swell!  YIPPEE!

They did a culture for Strep and it came back neg.  But they are doing a second more thorough test just to rule it out.  The doc said that he really thinks with as angry as his throat looks that it would have come back positive.  This is exciting news, because i would really like not to have strep if I can help it.

Anyhoo - we just wait some more with Mr. Grumps and hope that he gets better fast.  In other good news, his temp was down at 99.2 at the docs office, and yesterday this time it was 103.6 or so.  I think it's probably viral and we're on the tail end of it.  The doc said the sore throat should clear in another 2-3 days if it's viral.

Re: Dr. Appt. update

  • Poor Ben - hope he feels better soon!
  • Yuck! poor guy!
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  • Poor little guy - I hope he starts to feel better soon - for everyone sake!
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  • Sounds like what is in my house.  On Sunday they did a strep test and it was negative, which the doctor said surprised him because of how their throats looked.  Today we got a call saying that both of the cultures came back positive for non Group A strep, which MIGHT go away on its own, but since its 4 days later and they still have really red throats and all the other symptoms they put them on medicine. 

    I hope Ben starts feeling better soon.  Sounds like a good reason for a milkshake for dinner, well maybe breakfast ;)

  • Aw, poor Ben. Sad I hope he gets better soon, both for his sake and your sanity.
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  • poor ben!! hope he feels better soon!
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  • Hope he feels better soon!
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  • Poor little thing, hope he feels better soon!
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