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Hi, I posted a few days ago, thinking I was going to have my babe around 31 weeks when I entered the hospital with pre-eclampsia. So far, my labs have stayed the same, and I am still in the hospital with close monitoring...and babe hasn't arrived yet! We are keeping our fingers crossed for a few more weeks, but anything can happen so we are just hoping for more time in the tummy!

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  • Congratulations on hanging in there. 32w is a big milestone, so that's great!


  • Good job mama! Good luck with everything!
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  • So glad to hear that you are still pregnant.  Keep cookin', little one!
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  • yay!! Way to go. I hope yout pregnancy continues so your LO can keep baking. Hang in there- I know bedrest is hard!
  • Glad to hear you are still "with child" :)
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  • Oh I like good updates. Keep that baby cooking.



  • That's excellent!  Keep up the good work!
  • Good job and good luck keeping baby in for a few more weeks!
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